HDS Scans

Leica ScanStation C10 — The All-in-One High Definition 3D Laser Scanner

Fast. Versatile. Cost-Effective.

REDCON can save your project time and money by using the Leica ScanStation C10. This all-in-one machine is the next generation in laser scanners — but it’s available now. Scan both interior and exterior projects quickly, with minimal interference in the target area. Reduce site re-visits by getting the most comprehensive scan possible in one shortened survey time.

Its smart design allows for 360° and full dome scans, integrates real-time streaming video, and produces high-resolution digital images of “photo-realistic” quality.

Why should you ask for the Leica C10 3D Scanner on your project?

Speed — Full dome scans can be made in minutes, up to 10x faster than with conventional surveying.  Area scans are also several times faster than with other equipment.

Lower cost — Faster, accurate scans mean less time in the field and fewer visits to the site for our land surveyors.

More accurate and complete data — With an integrated level compensator and 3-D viewing of targets, measurements have a tighter registration and geo-reference.

Less intrusive — The powerful video camera makes it possible to scan your project from one spot, up to 125 meters away, allowing for maximum flexibility dealing with site logistics.

Safety — No need to get near busy traffic, traverse difficult terrain, or get in the way of heavy equipment. Using the C10 means our surveyors and your team are always kept safe.

What projects are best suited for the Leica C10?

  • Design:
    • Architectural
    • Structural
    • Mechanical
    • Civil
    • Environmental
    • Land Use
    • Airport
    • Power & utility
  • Construction and fabrication QA
  • Forensic surveying and security planning
  • Asset management and archiving
  • Tunneling
  • Topographic survey
  • Digital simulation of places or events
  • As-built survey

If this fits your project, contact us to learn more.