Forensic Surveying Services

REDCON’s land surveyors can perform forensic surveys and compile data for submission as evidence in court or litigation.

In many cases, this information is used to provide support to an eyewitness or an expert witness testimony or in place of witness testimony if none exists.

Our forensic surveying process includes the preparation of detailed drawings and maps.

Courtroom presentation plats are often prepared to depict:

  • Crime Scenes
  • Accidents locations and determinations
  • Boundary line disputes
  • Riparian rights

We can render these plats in color for ease of viewing by the judge and the jury.

Forensic survey projects can include:

  • Crime scene preservation, with high integrity, using a 3D laser scanner
  • Structural deformations
  • Floor elevation fluctuations
  • Site geometry and hazard placement
  • Data for liability feasibility
  • Reconstruction feasibility
  • Damage, mapping and documentation

Our forensics surveying services are available throughout Utah and the Intermountain West (Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, and Arizona).