Right-of-Way Services

Our Right-of-Way project managers can research and review land title documents to determine right of way location and width, to identify possible encumbrances.

Picture for Right-of-Way Page

Picture for Right-of-Way Page

We work with design engineers to determine the necessity of easements and portion of property to take for additional right-of-way, and can assist in the preparation of legal descriptions and plan exhibits necessary to negotiate with property owners in order to acquire parcels.

Our right-of-way services are available throughout Utah and the Intermountain West (Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, and Arizona).

Right-of-Way Surveys

 Right-Of-Way Surveying is a land survey depicting the limits of title, including those of the entity/agency that has the interest or jurisdiction of the property.

A right-of-way is basically land owned by a municipality or company for the transportation of goods or people.

Our streets, roads, highways, railroads and navigable waterways are typically located within a right-of-way and the municipality or company has the right to maintain these rights-of-way as long as reasonable access is provided to the adjacent property owners.

The professional team at REDCON conducts extensive research to make a determination of the position of the deeded right-of-way. A Right-of-Way survey does not include above or below ground improvements, features, or any encroachment.


An easement is a restriction placed on the use of the property allowing another party use of the property for certain purposes.

A property owner still owns the land within the easement and is responsible for the property. The easement functions as a restriction which limits the use of a property.

Through our Right-of-Way land survey process, we can recommend easements, provide documentation and help file paperwork to get an easement approved.