Murdock Canal Trail

In October 2010 REDCON was an integral part of a massive project undertaken to enclose the 21-mile Provo Reservoir Canal in Utah County by surveying the length of the canal.

Benefits of the enclosure included increased safety for residents along the canal, redundancy for existing water delivery systems, improved water quality and reduced seepage and evaporation.

An additional benefit was discovered as the canal construction created a perfect corridor for a 17-mile addition to Utah County’s existing trail system. The paved trail, known as the Murdock Canal Trail, will extend from 800 North in Orem to SR-92 in Lehi and will pass through seven Utah County cities, including American Fork, Cedar Hills, Highland, Lehi, Lindon, Orem and Pleasant Grove.

Future expansions will eventually connect the trail to the Jordan River Parkway as well as the Provo River Trail. It will be available for year-round walking, jogging, equestrian use, cycling and skateboarding. REDCON is providing the land survey mapping in aid of the design for the trail and the structures associated with construction as well as staking for the complete project.  Construction is expected to be complete in the spring of 2013.