Aerial Surveying for Construction & Engineering Data Acquisition

Redcon Land Surveying provides many aerial services & data deliverables for the Construction, Surveying & Engineering industries.

With the ability to gather volumetric and linear measurements from the air, Redcon Land Surveying gives engineers and general contractors the ability to audit the progress of a project without ever stepping foot on the site. This includes things like orthorectified images & 3D point clouds for permanent records of installations, analyzing stockpiles of raw materials, and auditing Earthworks CutFill calculations, while ensuring that the elevations and horizontal data  gathered are accurate.

Deliverables include:

  • 3D Point Cloud
  • DXF File
  • Index Maps
  • Volume Calculations
  • Orthorectified Photos
  • Cad Files


Orthomosaic photos are distortion-free and true-to-scale images of the earth’s surface. Georeferenced orthomosaic photos also have a spatial reference through a coordinate system. The opportunities for using georeferenced orthomosaic photos are highly diverse and range from surveying, cartography, use in GIS software (geographic information systems), use in rural and urban planning, right through to visualisation. Orthomosaic photos are produced in accordance with the purpose of use to various scales and resolutions.